Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer

Quality that lasts for generations.

Our fruit distillery is a traditional and certified family business, which is managed by Franz together with his daughter Monika. Margarete is the heart and soul of the apartment house, which is located on the beautiful Gamlitzberg.

Schnaps, Edelbrände Südsteiermark Winzerhaus Gamlitz
Urlaub Südsteiermark Winzerhaus Gamlitz
Passion first

Devotion. Indulgence. And a little bit of magic.

We distill 100 percent directly from the fruit and without exception in a double distillation process in order to obtain distillates that are as rich and fruit-concentrated as possible. In addition, we only process regional fruit varieties, most of which come from our own cultivation. Here, the quality factor is of course at the highest level. Alcohol is considered the carrier of all aromas, which is why our noble distillates also have over 40 percent alcohol by volume.

Bester Schnaps beste Edelbrände bei Tinnauer am Gamlitzberg

The world’s best brandies

We are the champions. Proudly and for several times. Our brandies are distilled exclusively with the highest quality ingredients and above all with a lot of passion. You can taste it. Sip by sip.

Of vines, fruit trees and sunbeams.

Long before the wine blooms on the famous southern slopes of the Gamlitzberg, our fruit trees bathe the mountain in an endless sea of blossoms in spring. And like the ivory tower from the never-ending story, the Tinnauer Winzerhaus sits enthroned high on the summit to grant guests heavenly views from the three new vacation apartments of blooming southern Styria.

La dolce Vita

Green, green, green is our favorite color.

At least when it comes to pistachios. And we like them best in liquid form – as a spirit, for example. Our vita couldn’t be more dolce in moments like these.