Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer
Feels like home

Feel at home.

We do our best to make you feel at home. And in order to ensure that this feeling remains a lasting one, we would like to ask you to treat our vacation apartments with the same care and love as we do. As a small orientation, we have put together a guide to help you with any uncertainties or unanswered questions you may have. Of course you can always contact us personally.

General information.

In case you miss anything in the furnishings or you need our help, feel free to contact us with confidence. All things that are in the apartment or on the balcony respectively belong to it, may and should be used by you. However, please take care of the entire furnishings and inventory. As a tenant, you are also responsible for ensuring that your fellow travelers treat the rental property with respect and comply with the rental conditions.


The apartment will be handed over by us in a clean condition. We would like to ask you to return the apartment in a broom-clean condition. We ask you to check out by 10:00 am on the day of departure. If you wish to check out at a different time, please let us know in time so that we can consider this. We would also like to point out that we are not liable for your valuables. The rental price includes bed linen, towels, tea towels and toilet paper.


Please put dishes back in the cupboards only in clean condition; the same applies to cutlery, pots and used devices.


Since we are obliged waste separation, we would ask you to help us with this. We will be happy to answer any questions about disposal upon arrival.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in our house. Any damages such as burn marks and holes in or on furniture, floors, bed linen, tablecloths etc. will unfortunately urge us to charge you for this. Damages of this kind are not included in the rental price. Therefore, smoking is only allowed on the balcony – there is also an ashtray.

Bath & toilet.

Please do not dispose of any hygiene products or food leftovers in the toilet. These would clog the water drainage and thus cause considerable damage, for which we would have to hold you liable.


The keys to your apartment also fit in the front door, the walk gate, the driveway gate and the basement. Please take care of it. In case of loss you are liable up to the amount of the replacement.

Quiet hours.

In respect of good neighborly relations, we ask you to keep the night’s rest from 22.00 o’clock to 07.00 o’clock. It would also be very nice if you could close the doors quietly, in order to express your consideration towards other guests. Since we have an intensively used fruit and wine farm, we ask for your understanding that we – if the weather requires it – sometimes have to work with the tractor in your vicinity outside these quiet hours.


Due to the large number of allergens, we unfortunately cannot allow pets. However, the reunion with your little furry friend will be all the more beautiful when you return home deeply relaxed and full of anticipation from your vacation in nature.


Everybody can have a little mishap. We would be very happy if you would just talk to us if something should have broken. As a tenant, you are liable for damages in the amount of the replacement costs.

Parking possibilities.

If you need a parking space or parking lot, this does not create a custody agreement for you. In the event of loss or damage to motor vehicles parked or maneuvered on private property and their contents, we can not be held liable, except in cases of intent or gross negligence.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

The keys to your apartment also fit the front door, the walk gate, the driveway gate and the basement. We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and recreation.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at this number: +43 664 53 75 039.